1998 honda civic gx

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  • Find detailed specifications and information for your Honda Civic GX.

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    Honda is a young Japanese auto-building company, it was founded in 1948. Now the concern, besides cars, also builds motorcycles, planes and is engaged in robotics. Many experts consider Honda cars to be one of the most reliable.

    All specifications, performance and fuel economy data of Honda Civic GX ( kW / PS / hp), edition of the year for Japan, including acceleration .

    The research article definitely talks about this as well and affirms your suspicion. I appreciate your advice however that was not my attempt. The tank was hidden, so all I could really looks at was the rest of the car which was mostly standard Civic. Some said it was only available for sale to other fleets, some said I should be able to in theory but no one had actually done it.

    COAL: Honda Civic GX – I Was An Early Car-Sharing Study Guinea Pig

    In early , soon after we moved, I saw a flyer for a research study that would let me drive a car for almost a year in conjunction with using BART…. Alas, it was not totally free. Together with the UC Davis Institute of Transport Studies, Honda, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, BART and CarLink came up with a program to study how car-sharing could help commuters along with exposing some to clean-fuel vehicles, in fact, these were some of the earliest cars to be marketed directly to individual consumers as opposed to fleets.

    The basic concept was as follows: Twelve cars would be parked in a reserved prime parking area immediately next to the entrance to the Dublin BART Station which was the station I passed when I headed to the freeway anyway and the station that by default I would use when riding BART. At night, these cars would go home with users that lived in the area. During the day, these cars would be used by employees of Lawrence Livermore Lab which was located 14 miles from the station to get to work. There was no good, reliable alternative link from the station to the lab at the time.

    For that I got a smartcard that opened a keybox and I could choose a set of keys and take one of the twelve identical cars home after returning from work via BART. I could use it all evening and all night, it just had to be back in its stall by 8am the next business day when I would presumable be back on the train. On Fridays I got to take the car all weekend and on holidays as well.

    I was interested in the car itself just because it was a bit different being natural gas powered and thought the whole concept sounded interesting. Well, it was great. I never had any issues, there was always a car parked there when I needed one, I would normally look at the cars that were there quickly to make sure they looked clean inside, swipe my card, open the keybox, grab the key for the car I wanted, close the box and get in the car.

    The parking area was fantastic, as close if not closer than the disabled spots, the only way to have improved on that part was if there was valet service. Starting the car was totally normal with the exception of a small input device that while not mandatory to get the car to start, users were asked to use it in order for the researchers to conduct their research.

    You would enter your user ID, then enter what you were using the car for commute, shopping, entertainment, road trip etc.

    If your mission changed during that trip, they asked you to re-enter the current information. Certainly better than being a test specimen for a pharmaceutical company or something…. The only difference is that it runs on Compressed Natural Gas instead of gasoline. There was probably room for one golf-bag left. Sort of similar to how some hybrid cars have less space than a standard version car. The tank in the photo above is large but the pic makes it look HUGE due to the perspective of the camera.

    The engine was a 1. CNG generates a bit less power than gasoline but in this car it was adequate. Range is less though, normally figured at just under miles.

    It was very exciting to me to be part of this. The money was a non-issue at the time and we tried to use the car as much as possible in the evenings and the weekends. Since the cars were supposed to be fueled up at the lab it was unlikely that any of the Homeside users would need to find a station.

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