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  • Edmunds has a detailed expert review of the Volkswagen Jetta TDI Diesel. View our consumer ratings and reviews of the Jetta, and see what other.

    The Volkswagen Jetta TDI L has a lot to offer. Planning to buy one in the near future? Find out everything you need to know in our latest review.

    «Volkswagen» переводится с немецкого языка как «народный автомобиль». Первая партия автомобилей, выпущенная на заре становления компании, составляла всего 12 штук. Во время нацизма логотип компании был изменен и стилизован под свастику.

    After the first corner that leads from my driveway, I gush, “I LOVE this car!” Starting with the Volkswagen Jetta's superb ergonomics, everything.

    Absolutely love the model, I just hate mine. TDI for me I like hybrids. I am so sick of people telling me they cant understand me. The car is roomy, interior option colors are limited.

    Volkswagen Jetta Consumer Reviews | STOICHSOLUTIONS.INFO

    If the diesel engine powering the Jetta TDI could talk, it would say, "the Jetta's a great car - but it's all about me.

    They're good on gas and satisfy my occasional urges to reduce the atmospheric contamination caused by my driving. The current Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution launched for and has been largely unchanged since. This range-topping Lancer variant amounts to a four-door, fou To add it to your profile, you will need to sign in.

    News All the design quirks of previous-generation Jettas are gone, leaving behind the smoothly sculpted Jetta TDI Highline four-door sedan. Headlamps are integrated and help to blend the front fascia, hood and fenders into a smooth, pleasing shape. A side view turns up a generous greenhouse and then the design drops smoothly to the trunk, which does have a bit of an upturned lip if you look closely. Space to relax When you transition from the outside to the inside, you will notice that the Jetta TDI Highline has grown over the years.

    Large door openings make getting in and out easy regardless of agility level. Sliding into a front bucket is a comforting experience as the seats are subtly shaped to hold most body sizes and types comfortably for hours. The back seat experience, while not cavernous, is adequate enough that I wish this car had been around when I was a teen and drive-in movies were the rage.

    Back seats could be very interesting places if there was enough room. As is, all I can tell you there is a decent amount of knee room as the backs of the front seats are sculpted out. Twist and shout If you happen to need to install a couple of child seats, two will fit comfortably, but the middle seat for the referee will be a bit cramped and uncomfortable.

    Getting the kids in and out though will be quite easy; thanks to those wide doors. Since the seat is manually adjustable, it took me about a minute to set it so that I was comfortable. Once I had the seat set, it was time to make sense of the instrument cluster. Volkswagen has retained a pleasant European flavour while providing normal North American information. My one complaint about instrumentation actually is a complaint about the stereo system. If I turned the stereo off, it shuts off everything including the GPS.

    I have to find a mute button or turn the sound down to still use the GPS. This did take a bit of getting used to and was quite aggravating at times. This particular TDI engine uses Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel and does not need any exhaust additives to meet the Tier 2 Bin 5 emissions standard currently in place for all engines. In addition to that, peak horsepower seems to be a miniscule hp, but the torque total of lb-ft. Respect is a requirement Unlike gas-engined competitors such as the Subaru Impreza or the Mitsubishi Lancer , I found that I actually had to be very careful with the throttle when starting off.

    A bit too much push on the pedal sends the front wheels spinning, the traction control cutting in and my fun ruined. By the same toke when I wanted to pull out and pass, getting the 6-speed DSG gearbox into passing gear or downshifting myself made things happen very quickly. On the flip side, feathering the throttle on ice kept the car tractable and enjoyable to drive.

    In town, getting from lane to lane was no big deal and angle parking was easy. Parallel parking took a bit of practice because the squared-off trunk often made you feel closer to the car behind than you really were. Colder than C and I think I would plug the TDI in, just to make sure there was no problem starting and to help the motor and interior warm up quicker.

    King of Diesel Cars - 2013 Volkswagen Jetta TDI Test Drive & Car Video Review

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