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  • Porsche Centre Melbourne - A clear focus on motorsport: the new Porsche GT3 RS
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  • Porsche has lifted the lid on its facelifted GT3 RS, which will the track- honed sports car will hit Australian showrooms in the fourth quarte.

    Porsche has unveiled the new GT3 RS, set to arrive Down RS will be arriving in Australia during the fourth quarter of , with pricing to.

    The new GT3 RS is a promise to everyone who wants to know what they're really capable of. Driveaway Price Porsche GT3 RS - Technical Specs.

    Weissach package and magnesium wheels for additional weight savings For particularly ambitious drivers, the Porsche motorsport department has created an optional Weissach package for a further weight reduction. Our engineers spent plenty of hours fine-tuning the driving dynamics setup. It still has a radio and air-conditioning but some of the creature comforts like the interior door handles have been sacrificed at the altar of more performance. Front-axle lift system The standard front-axle lift system raises the new GT3 RS 30 mm at the front end. Leave a comment below to ask our expert editors anything related to the article you have just read.

    Porsche GT3 Models - Porsche Australia

    The previous GT3 RS codename Although, to be fair, if you want to get the best out of it you did need a racetrack. Fortunately the Porsche Driving Experience offers the best of both worlds, effectively re-creating a two-lane piece of English country road in a loop that allows you to fully exploit the performance of this new model now codenamed Revealed back in March at the Geneva motor show this latest evolution of the GT3 RS has a raft of upgrades to make it even faster, sharper and more engaging.

    If you can get your hands on one then you need to be prepared for the most extreme and driver-focused It still has a radio and air-conditioning but some of the creature comforts like the interior door handles have been sacrificed at the altar of more performance. Fortunately there are a number of small but important changes to this latest model to help justify the price increase. The engine has been reworked to deliver more power and torque, the steering recalibrated, the suspension tweaked and the aerodynamics honed even further than before to make the GT3 RS even faster.

    The attention-to-detail is what makes the RS so special, with seemingly every area of the car studied in detail to extract maximum performance. The bonnet is made from carbon fibre to save weight, but not the roof. Instead it is made from magnesium, an element originally used in the GT3 R Hybrid racing car back in You can also option even lighter forged magnesium wheels to replace the forged alloy versions that come standard inches at the front and inches at the rear.

    That focus on every gram speaks to the evolutionary nature of the GT3 RS. The first GT3 was launched in so for the last 19 years Porsche has been refining and fine-tuning the concept. In addition to the reworked engine and suspension this latest iteration has also added several seemingly small touches that add up to a significant improvement in performance, such as the two NACA ducts on the bonnet.

    While primarily there to ram more cooling air onto the brakes they also allow more air to follow underneath the car which cleans up the airflow over the top of the body and onto the huge rear wing. Of course all this effort on speed comes at a cost and the GT3 RS is the least practical of the range.

    The back seats are ditched in favour of a half rollcage for extra torsional rigidity and safety and to give you somewhere to mount your racing harness if you want to get on-track. Despite the seriously looking cabin with the rollcage and carbon fibre-backed racing seats, the GT3 RS is surprisingly comfortable.

    The seats are trimmed with Alcantara and leather so they look and feel nice and offer great support without being too tight, as some racing chairs can be. The steering wheel is devoid of anything unnecessary, no audio or Bluetooth controls, just a simply rim with the metallic gear changes paddles on the back.

    The only catch with the seats is they are low mounted so you do drop deep into the car, so getting in and out can be a little tricky. The seat is fixed for height, so it only slides backwards and forwards, so while this reviewer found it comfortable it may not suit all different body shapes and sizes.

    Luggage room is really unimportant though with the GT3 RS, this is about ultimate performance so the effort has been centred there. Nowhere is that more evident than under the bonnet where the 4. The GT3 RS has always been about naturally-aspirated performance and continues to be. Few engines feel as extreme as this one, or as raw and as similar to a race car. Keep your foot down and hold it in gear and the noise from the engine and exhaust as it screams towards rpm is intoxicating.

    Porsche 911 GT3 RS 2018 First Drive Review

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