2004 chevy silverado oil type

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  • My Silverado and my Silverado (both with the Vortec the Chevrolet Silverado LTZ liter Vortec engine takes 6 quarts of oil.

    Results 1 - 24 of 92 Order Motor Oil - Vehicle Specific for your Chevrolet Silverado and pick it up in store—make Viscosity Grade/Weight: 10W

    As stated in the subject, I have a 04 Sierra with the . I've got a Silverado with the l (same engine just shorter stroke) in a 4x4 ext.

    Additional information on oil changes. What kind of oil to use for a Chevy silverado? If that engine is a CFI central fuel injection , the fuel pressure regulator is located under the upper intake manifold and it can leak without being noticed. You now know the capacity. Less dry running means much less engine wear.

    What type of oil is used in a Chevy Silverado

    Been looking at some of the "new" motor oils.. Are these just gimmicks or are they worth the extra money. I have been using Synthetic in my cars and old truck, wondering if it is really worth the money to continue using it in my new truck.

    My brother 19 year Dodge mechanic says as long as you use a quality oil Q-state or Mobile and change it every you should have no problems. I also have never used anything with Teflon in it any of my motors. A search under synthetic oil may help you out.

    Also, guys have recommended checking out Bobistheoilguy. I run Mobil 1 in mine. A lot of it will depend on your use, driving habits, and how long you want to keep the truck. Call me crazy but it's true. I thought if it starts that much easier turning over faster , it must be doing somethign well, so I never went back.

    Since then, everything that has oil, gets it. Use Royal Purple myself Little more expensive than M Gonna do an analysis after 6 thousand miles and see how it's doing Will post any pluses or minuses.. Go with the Mobil 1 5w40 SUV engine oil. You can find it at wal mart but only in the quart size, not the five quart jugg.

    I use Amsoil, Mobil 1 would be my second choice. The major difference between full synthetic and dino is theat the synthetic does not break down like dino and has a much higher flash point. All of the tests I have read show that using synthetic you can extend your "full" changes to over 20, with no problems.

    You still need to change the filter and top off the level. The newer GM's using the oil life monitoring system usually go around 6 to miles for each change.

    Using full synthetic you can get 3 cycles out of 1 complete oil change. Another difference is that synthetic oil is a little thinner than regular. Like chevrolet recomends running 5w30 in my truck, but the equivalent mobil one is 10w I'm personally going to the new mobil one 5w40 on the next one.

    I highly doubt anyone on this forum or any forum would ever state that dino oil is superior to syn oil when it comes to lubricating properties. Also, it is accepted that syn oil will not break down under normal usage but it will get dirty. Price is about the same as changing the dino oil every miles anyway. Of course, YMMV or may go up using synthetics. I reccomend synthetic oil if you dont mind spending a few extra bucks.

    If you mainly drive on the expressways you can push it a bit longer. Synthetic oil resists breaking down at higher temperatures, provides better fuel economy, increased lubricity and is overall a better oil vs.

    Oil Change & Filter Replacement 1999-2006 Chevrolet Tahoe, Suburban, Silverado

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