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  • Products 1 - 60 of 75 Set your Chevy Silverado apart from the rest. A custom grille will make it uniquely your own, the medium through which you can.

    custom chevy silverado | Chevrolet Silverado Custom Inside Door Panel Photo 5.

    Read about David Nil Benjamin's custom Chevy Silverado pickup with an Escalade front clip conversion, only on STOICHSOLUTIONS.INFO, the.

    Nearing completion, Ekstensive got busy making the engine bay a real crowd pleaser. The bowtie is designed to fit the bowtie opening on your Click here to learn more. But, that didn't stop David from dragging the little truck home for the much-needed TLC to revamp it into a fresh build. Even before laying the truck out, the wheels tucked hard under the modified fenders.

    Chevy Silverado Accessories & Parts at STOICHSOLUTIONS.INFO

    Truckin Magazine cool trucks. A complete jolt to your senses. No, you're not being hit by a taser, but rather the sheer cosmic force of a custom like you've never seen before. Owned by Andrew "Kool-Aid" Cowel, of Smithville, Tennessee, this '00 Silverado was to be a rolling monument to the love and bond Andrew felt for his brother. The truck was delivered to Ekstensive Metalworks, in Houston, where it was simply supposed to be 'bagged to lay body over big wheels.

    After dropping the truck off, Andrew returned home to Tennessee and the build was in the hands of a man capable of creating a showstopper. Never one to go half way, Ekstensive's owner, Bill Carlton, decided to go the extra mile and build a truck that would not only be a memorial for Andrew's brother, but also create a new category in the custom scene.

    Showcasing the limitless capabilities of Ekstensive Metalworks, this '00 Silverado proves that where there's a will, there's a way. Opting to use Andrew's deposit on a long list of custom parts, the crew at Ekstensive started doing what it does best-getting the truck on the ground.

    Ekstensive also built custom crossmembers for the transmission, custom motor mounts, tubular body mounts, and a trick hidden hitch in the rear. For added strength, several crossmembers were welded into place and gussets added throughout.

    Up front, a 7-inch narrower Mustang II clip with Ekstensive's own tubular upper and lower control arms was welded into place. Out back, a famous Ekstensive two-link, with Firestone C 'bags mounted on the bars, was welded onto the rearend that was narrowed a full 7 inches with Moser axles. Once the fuel cell was mounted between the framerails and the air tanks custom-made, each suspension component, including the frame itself, was sent out for powdercoating by Superior Powder Coating. Each piece that wasn't powdercoated was chromed for a show-ready shine.

    Even before laying the truck out, the wheels tucked hard under the modified fenders. After a quick test run, the 'bags were deflated and the body gently rested on the hot Houston asphalt. Now the crew at Ekstensive had an even more difficult task to accomplish-making this Chevy look different from the thousands of other Bow Ties at every show.

    Making Andrew's Silverado a real head-turner, Bill began to meld the body to the bed in order to create a unibody fullsize truck. Filling in the gap with reinforced steel and sheetmetal, the truck quickly went from average to supernatural.

    Taking things one step further, a complete frontend from an '07 Tahoe was forged onto the Chevy cab. Wanting a look no one could duplicate, Bill cut and sectioned a front bumper from a '08 GMC Sierra and molded it to fit the Tahoe clip and modified framehorns. While the welders were still warm, the rear fender from a '07 Tahoe was also grafted onto the seamless Silverado bed.

    Looking like it rolled off the GM assembly line, Bill and his crew even added the Chevy body line to the front and rear fenders. Continuing the metal fusion, a one-off Grant Kustoms skin combo with lower body line was welded into the bed. Inside the bed, a full sheetmetal skin was grafted into place. Other body mods included: Before assembling the Silverado, Chris also took apart the Tahoe headlights and painted the buckets blue to match. Moving to the interior, another special plan was devised to get people scratching their heads.


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