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  • Read our most comprehensive review of the Audi A5's standard features, Lock / unlock, Trunk, Remote start, Panic alarm, Hold to open windows, Hold to.

    I know it's possible to install a third-party remote start but apparently it can interfere with the system and is not recommended by.

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    I wouldn't be able to use it anyway. That cars with remote start are easier to steal. The car will warm up exponentially faster while driving. This top-grade product is expertly made in compliance with stringent industry

    Audi A5 Sportback Push-to-Start | Remote starter, bypass module and alarm system | Fortin

    When posting an image for a theme day, please tag the submission with the appropriate link flair. Why doesn't Audi offer remote start?

    I know it's possible to install a third-party remote start but apparently it can interfere with the system and is not recommended by Audi? First, it's illegal to have your car running in Germany without an operator behind the wheel. The second one is liability.

    Many people garage thier Audi's. Audi doesn't want to deal with any potential legal issues with a car remote starting inside someone's home. Not the strongest reasons but this is what they taught us at training. I could be wrong. I though the ones with remote start were assembled outside of Germany. It's also illegal to have a car running unintended in some U. Then how are other manufacturers offering remote start from the factory, in the U.

    And if it's just some states, they can not offer it in those states. According to the Washington RCC, it's not illegal to have it on your car. It's only illegal to use it in the context of leaving your car running unattended. I suspect Audi is being conservative and just doesn't want to deal with the potential legal consequences considering that society in the U.

    Also, letting it idle up to temperature is worse on the motor, since the internal clearances arne't up to spec until the motor is at operating temperature. My friend swears up and down his Evo needs to warm up before driving he got an aftermarket remote start , but my owner's manual says the opposite.

    Metal expands when it's heated, and so the clearances will be different at operating temperature than they will at room temperature. Guess which temp the engine is engineering for? I understand that, but the difference between letting the engine lifetime with letting it idle up to temperature vs not, is probably negligible.

    Plus, it's going to get hot anyways, if you accelerate heavily at any points. Audi salesman, can confirm. It is illegal in Germany and they want to keep the cars as true to German specifications as possible. It's such a common luxury feature on most other brands.

    I don't get it. To be fair it's only automatic vehicles that have it. I just bought a Hyundai Genesis Coupe Ultimate, and it does not have remote start since it's manual: As long as both the ebrake is in and you're in neutral they can be remote started. There's a few companies that do it, but its kind of a hassle to make sure the remote start knows the car is in the proper gear with brake on.

    I wouldn't be able to use it anyway. My car's ebrake isn't the best, and it kind of rolls slowly if there's enough incline. I have to park in gear as well. I'm in Canada and I just leased a new A4. My dealership offered to install one for me Makes me wonder why they're offering it if Audi doesn't recommend it?

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