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  • August Horch wrote the first chapter in Audi's history when he established the motor vehicle company known as Horch & Cie. Motorwagenwerke.

    The eventful and varied history of AUDI AG extends back to the 19th century. Find out more about the great personalities from the brand's plus years of.

    About Audi. Audi is the most popular brand among used cars. The annual output is 2 million vehicles.

    Explore our history and heritage and you'll understand why the four rings are the symbol of progressive engineering today.

    It was only ten years later, after the company had attracted an investor, when funds became available for construction of major car plant at the Ingolstadt head office site. Since , Audi has used the slogan "Truth in Engineering" in the U. Both were successes, particularly in sporting events. However, teething problems with the rotary engines put an end to the independence of NSU. That same year, he also purchased the remaining shares of the famous US Company, Rickenbacker.

    A Brief History Of Audi | Luxury Car Manufacturer History | OSV

    Audi is one of the best-selling luxury automobile manufacturers in the world. However, the origins of the German brand are complex and colourful, to say the least. The story behind Audi, however, is that little bit more interesting. OSV takes a look at the rich history of the German brand in our Audi history. Audi was technically founded way back in when the Wanderer Company was established, later becoming a branch of Audi.

    But it was in that August Horch established A. Motowagenwerke AG in You may have noticed that all these company names sound very similar because his old company definitely did. They sued Horch for trademark infringement and the Supreme Court agreed. Horch then had to come up with a new name for his company.

    So, how did he get to Audi? And thus, Audi was born. From , it was named Audiwerke AG Zwickau. Zwickau was of course where the company was located, which is in the state of Saxony.

    Both were successes, particularly in sporting events. Horch had led his team to three straight victories in the Austrian Alpine Run. It was in that Horch left Audi to take up a high position in the ministry of transport but in his short time at the manufacturer, he had made the brand internationally known. Shortly after he left, Audi became the first German car brand to produce a car that was left-hand drive, the Audi Type K.

    This became dominant in the s due to the fact it gave drivers a better view of oncoming traffic. This, in turn, made it easier and safer to overtake. The Audi logo came about after a merger of four companies. The merger led to the creation of the four interlocking rings. So much so that the Olympic Committee eventually took them to court in And so the two logos live in harmony. In the early days of the Auto Union era, Audi became the first European car company to offer a six-cylinder-engine, front wheel drive model.

    This was the Audi Front. The firm began producing armoured cars for the military. Of course, this made them prime targets for Allied bombing and this took its toll on production. The factories were dismantled as part of the war reparations, under the orders of the Soviet military.

    The Auto Union executives looked at relocating what they had left of the company to West Germany, where they set up a spare parts operation in Bavaria. Interestingly, the factory in Zwickau restarted assembly in and created cars for East Germany. It was in this factory that the Trabant was created. It was uncomfortable, noisy, slow, and extremely desirable in East Germany. The waiting time for the Trabant was more than a decade.

    Over three million of these were produced in total. The reformed company was launched in with the help of aid from the Marshall Plan. They continued to produce front-wheel drive vehicles. However, there was no plant suitable to mass produce automobiles and they had to rent their space elsewhere. It was only ten years later when an investor had the funds to construct a major car plant. So, they disposed of it.

    But by this time the Auto Union had a huge factory and were ready to produce four-stroke engines and therefore ready for a period of growth. The Audi name was resurrected after 25 years in They then bought the brand new factory eighteen months later and used it to assemble additional Volkswagen Beetles.

    Audi Quattro - The Official Story

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