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    I was even offered my own room to allow me to work while I waited, a nice touch. Or maybe it was just a freak incident. Never did get to the bottom of that one. But the problem was also affecting the starting procedure.

    Lexus IS-F saloon long-term test review | CAR Magazine

    After 12 months and 22, miles at the wheel of a mph Lexus IS, I needed to calm down a bit. The F was seriously quick, particularly past rpm when the two-stage intake system did its work and piped a load more power to the wheels and a brilliantly bassy growl into the cabin. It was a great year, and not just because of the ability to hit 62mph in 4. But the ride from the non-adjustable dampers was dire, it annoyed me that you had to park up before disabling the stability system, the short 10, miles service intervals ramped up the cost and I really missed the practicality of my old Audi A6 Allroad.

    Obviously it would be unreasonable to expect a small sports saloon to be as useful as a wagon from the class above. Watching a Clio breeze up my street last winter while the rear-wheel drive Lexus floundered in the snow was no fun, either.

    Never did get to the bottom of that one. Predictable, I know, but the bigger boot, folding back seats and softer ride would have as much to do with my purchase as its more interesting engine or more flamboyant cornering style, although a new limited slip diff option should even things on that count.

    I was pretty sure that the IS-F would finish its year with us with a clean copybook, but something has actually gone wrong with the Lexus. The use of the past tense in that last sentence is important: The keyless entry system packed up one evening and I was unable to lock the car either using the black button on the outer door handle or the remote button on the key fob.

    The solution was to slide the emergency old-fashioned key out of the remote, prise off the cover next to the handle covering the lock and do it the old fashioned way. The next day I did the same to unlock the door. But the problem was also affecting the starting procedure. Normally you simply stamp your foot on the brake and press the start switch to the left of the steering column. I tried it but nothing happened and there is no ignition slot to insert the emergency key.

    But a message in the LCD display between the instruments told me to hold the key fob against the switch and then attempt to start it. The IS-F fired up as normal. The same thing happened that evening when I came home, but weirdly, everything was working as normal in the morning. Maybe Lexus is so sensitive to quality issues that it sent elves out to fix in the night. Or maybe it was just a freak incident. I had been happy with the service at Lexus Leicester when the IS-F was due its 10, mile inspection apart from the fact that I had to spend an hour driving over there.

    So I was pretty narked to discover that had I contracted Lexus Cambridge to carry out that first service, they would have come to my house, whisked it away and brought it back when finished. Needless to say Cambridge got the 20k mile gig. How often does your car need servicing?

    The more gently you use the car — and the Allroad had done a lot of long trips — the longer the car can run before needing attention. I was more pleased about that than I was to find that my nearest city, Peterborough pop close to , , seems to be host to every other brand of car except Lexus. Lexus Leicester said they would pick it up next time for the longer, more involved 20, mile service, but this time I was going to have to make the hour long trek from home myself. It took an hour to get there but when I arrived at Lexus Leicester I was greeted by a smart showroom, courteous staff and a decent cup of tea.

    I was even offered my own room to allow me to work while I waited, a nice touch. The service itself highlighted no real problems other than the front tyres, which have worn heavily on their inner edges suggesting an alignment problem. Several days later a letter arrived at home from the garage just checking to see that I had been happy with the service. Fast forward 25 years and, having ignored both pieces of advice, I managed to get the IS-F beached in a snowy verge having sailed down my street and past my driveway in the ice, ABS pumping wildly beneath my foot.

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