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  • Model S is the safest, quickest car on the road—with industry-leading performance, range, and storage.

    Model S is designed for safety from the ground up and is the most exhilarating saloon on the road. With unparalleled performance delivered through Tesla's.

    The latest pricing and specifications for the Tesla Model S 75D starts from $ Compare prices of all Tesla Model S's sold on carsguide over the last.

    Filter your search criteria! Driver Assistance Capabilities All new Tesla vehicles come standard with the most advanced driver assistance capabilities, designed to provide enhanced safety and convenience for a stress-free driving experience. Shop accessories and apparel Shop Now. Listings for these models will be added to the listings you are currently viewing. Electric Powertrain The all-electric powertrain and low center of gravity provide the best performance, range, and efficiency.

    Model S | Tesla UK

    The car is simple to drive, of course, like the simples of automatics. But laden with luggage and people, it goes well into Range Rover territory. And, at present in contrast to all others , that boost is a freebie.

    The Model S's front screen pillars are about the thickest of any car I can remember, meaning you really need to be careful at intersections. Residuals are good especially for lower-end models and the car seems quite well made, too.

    For now, and for a while to come, the others still have Tesla to beat. Not to me, it isn't. Log in or register to post comments Byzantine. Although comments like 'Model 3' "the one they seem to have so much trouble producing in volume" don't really have a place in the article. Another minor point I know. Its perfectly acceptable for Steve to make the comments he did about the Model 3, millions of other articles in many automotive publications have mentioned, as asides other models that manufacturers make when driving a different model, since, well when Autocar started.

    The starting price DOES swell when you add or in this case the manufacturer adds options, Tesla, like most manufacturers often supply cars to journalists with extra equipment added and the article points out the base price to make this perfectly clear. Steve made 3 mistakes in the article, none of which you pointed out. Instead you try and fail to make out theres something wrong with him mentioning the Model 3 situation and pointing out that the test car had options, basically youre just riled cos he didnt just print "The car is perfect, just like Elon xxxx".

    We all know that in your eyes Tesla is beyond any criticism and everything about it is perfect. As I ve said before, you clearly dont know the definition of "troll" - replying to your comment is not in anyway trolling. You always camplain if anyone makes any criticism, however valid, about Tesla or any electric vehicle, you comments here were not "minor" they were totally wrong.

    Well pedantically the "price" swells, the base price is the base price. Tesla, like most manufacturers often supply cars to journalists with extra equipment added and the article points out the base price to make this perfectly clear. That makes a significant impact on the price. So it could be much clearer - especially for those that don't very carefully read the whole thing.

    This is a bit strange, and makes it hard to take you seriously. Don't think I've heard anyone say they are perfect, but I have heard a lot of subtle to blatant negative stuff, from ommssion and innacuracy to downright lies - and often when people correct it, they are erroneously labelled, "fanboys". If people are accurate and fair then there should be no problem with positive or negative, and of course people can have their own taste on the matter. Log in or register to post comments calscot.

    New starting point for revised Model S line-up is still the electric saloon to beat. Our Verdict Tesla Model S. This longest-travelling version of the Model S is perfect for anyone with range anxiety, but it's still a pricey choice.

    Jeep has promoted its old crossover to compact SUV status. Nissan Qashqai Tekna 1. Nissan Qashqai gets new engines and infotainment in bid to keep edge over Skoda Octavia vRS long-term review.

    2018 Tesla Model S AWD - Build & Price Review - Model S Design Studio Configurations

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